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January 2022


The health and wellbeing of our customers remains, as always, our top priority.  We will continue with additional measures to minimise the risk of Covid-19 to all concerned.  Please use the hand sanitiser when operating the gate, in order to protect yourself and others.  We will adhere to any Government advice as it is up-dated. 


Feb 2021.

  In these unprecedented times, we’d like to take this opportunity to reassure our customers that we have and will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure that we can provide continuity of service to you during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is more important to us than ever at this challenging time that we continue working alongside you to improve things. Our Business remains open, but please check the Government website with up-to-date information,  if you can visit.    Click:

Thank you for your continued support.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Spinney Caravans Concerning COVID-19

Please use the Government website to clarify if its classed as essential travel?

Garages are currently open to allow owners to have their car MOT , but please check the Government website  for any changes.

If a customer does want to collect a caravan can I remind you that permitted travel does not include visits to campsites, caravan parks or similar places, either for isolation or holiday. 

If you have anything medical in your caravan that you need to collect then CaSSOA have confirmed that under current guidelines you can come and collect. However please check the Gov/website for any changes before doing anything. 

Government Guidelines Tier 4 Dec 2020

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Dear Members

New Tier 4 COVID Restrictions

Dear All,

Following today’s announcement by the Government that Staffordshire and the surrounding areas will be moving into Tier 4 restrictions from tomorrow, we have received the following advice from CaSSOA.

“Caravan storage sites in tier 4 can remain open. However, people in tier 4 must not leave their home except for a specific purpose, or a ‘reasonable excuse’, which is outlined in the Government guidance. Therefore it is unlikely that visiting their caravan/motor home would be covered under these guidelines, unless in an emergency”. 

In view of this we will be open tomorrow (31st Decemberfrom 9.00 am-1.00pm to allow you to visit your caravan/motor home if it is essential. However, we have taken the decision not to reopen until Monday the 4th January 2021, normal hours. 

If anyone has an issue with this could you please message us and we will try and address straight away. We will review events next week and if anything changes we will let you know.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

Kind regards.

Andrew and Alison.

The Spinney Caravan Storage.

CaSSOA Gold Award.

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The Spinney News

Latest News about the Spinney Caravan storage site

Dear Members

Dear Members

As per the Government’s latest update yesterday and following CaSSOA guidelines, The Spinney Caravan Storage shall remain closed for a little while longer. This is in line with the advice that there is no change to the lockdown currently with regards to the leisure industry.

We shall update you with any changes as the Government release more guidelines on the way out of the lockdown.

If you need to access your caravan/motorhome for anything important, please contact Andrew by email/text to arrange an appointment. This will enable us to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to.

Anyone who has services/habitation checks booked with Mark Lowe of Cara-Fix, please liaise with him direct.

Stay safe and we will see you all soon.

Kind regards

Andrew and Alison Pickering

The Spinney Caravan Storage.

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